Citizen’s Police Academy

Chief Stell introduces the Citizen's Police Academy

Chief Stell introduces the Citizen’s Police Academy

As the Swanton Police Department moves toward Community Oriented Policing, it is important to have citizen-police interaction and cooperation. One way to accomplish this goal is through an exchange of ideas and education.

With this in mind, the Swanton Police Department has hosted a Citizen’s Police Academy (CPA).  The CPA is designed to acquaint the public with the operations of the police department.  After the completion of the 6 week program, participants will have a better understanding of the police officer’s role in the criminal justice system and an appreciation of the many challenges facing law enforcement in today’s society.

Domestic Violence presentation

Gwen Lavoie from Voices Against Violence discusses domestic violence at the 2012 Citizen’s Police Academy

The course is structured to provide as much information as possible in enjoyable and interesting ways. There is no fee for the classes. We only require that the participants come each week prepared to be involved in discussions and demonstrations.