Elder Assistance Program

Alzheimer’s disease was first described by a German physician, Alois Alzheimer, in 1907.  The condition was subsequently named after him.  The disease as originally described, occurred in a woman in her 50’s but doctors now agree that the dementia that occurs in the elderly, usually past 80 years of age, is the same condition.

The symptoms of the disease are usually a gradual decline in intellectual ability with an accompanying physical decline.  Early in the illness, only memory may be impaired.  The person is more than a little forgetful.  He or she may have difficulty learning new skills or tasks that require reasoning or calculation, such as math.  Their personality may change and depression may follow.

One of the most devastating experiences for a family coping with Alzheimer’s disease and similar diseases is to have a loved one wander away from home and become lost.  To give families some degree of security, the Swanton Village Police have set up the Elder Assistance Program. This program would include not just those suffering from Alzheimer’s, but also those with Dementia and elderly individuals at risk of wondering off and getting lost.

Registration in the program is completely voluntary.  To participate, please complete the attached registration form and return it to the Swanton Village Police Department with a recent photograph.  The completed form along with the picture you provide is then placed on file with the police department.  In the event the your family member wanders, contact the police department and a description as well as other information concerning the person will be promptly dispatched to officers on duty.

If you do not have a recent photograph, the Swanton Village Police Department will take the photograph and assist with completion of the registration form if necessary.  We strongly encourage anyone concerned about a loved one who tends to wander to register that person in our program.  This is a free community service offered through the Swanton Village Police Department.

For more information, questions or to obtain a registration form, please contact the Swanton Police Department at (802) 868-4100 or email Sergeant David Kachajian.